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If you ask Google, what's Mumbai's Population? it will answer 13,922,125 (2009). It will not give any source though. If you search Wikipedia it will give you the Government of India's 2011 census data citing Mumbai's population at 12,478,447.

It is confusing, but still ok. I will go with the 2011 census data.

ICSC Retail Real Estate World Summit is underway in Shanghai, China and the details of the same can be found here.

Major real estate consultants have released retail-focused research reports coinciding with this summit. I understand that it is a good PR exercise.

But what I feel is that these consultants should use Google more often rather than depending on their own proprietary research.

real estate market report

Yesterday Savills released a report titled "World Cities Review - Autumn 2012", which states Mumbai's population to be at 20.5 million. Read the report here. It looks like Mumbai's population is increasing at a crazy rate.

In fact, Mumbai's population growth has never been so frantic; the highest population growth Mumbai has ever witnessed was 38.1% between 1971-1981.

Cushman & Wakefield has released a report, which states Mumbai's population (2012) to be 11.98 (?, I assume it is millions). The report titled "C & W Global Cities Retail Guide", can be found at here.

This C&W report is released today (12 September 2012) and it also says that India's Head of State is Pratibha Patil and Prime Minister is Pranab Mukherjee. The asterisk mark at the bottom says "New President to be elected in July 2012". I think September comes after July, and who is India president is public domain knowledge. And Pranab Mukherjee has never been India's Prime Minister.

Jones Lang LaSalle has also launched a new research report on retail real estate investment to obviously coincide with the ICSC Retail Real Estate World Summit. I'm yet to go through this report but it can be located here.

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