Real estate apps are used by millions of people these days – there is lots of noise and users are confused. In this post we will discuss top 10 real estate apps you should be using.

What could be the first thing today’s generation like to buy when it comes to saving and building assets, a car, or a bike, it could be anything but most of us dream of buying their own home. In this era of high living standards, we work hard to buy or build our homes, and this could be done only with the help of real estate advisors, but this is the time of digital world, and everything is available through internet.

Finding house can be a real problem to this busy generation although it has become easy with the help of fast-growing internet facilities as the online real estate market joined the race and has become very competitive.

How online real estate market can help people to find their dream homes? Well, it’s possible now, there are many real estate apps which help you to find the perfect house of your dreams with the best prices and other facilities you could be searching in your house. In this article we have listed for you to hunt the best house for you with the world most trusted real estate apps but first we would like you to know what real estate apps are.

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What are real estate apps?

Real estate applications are formed with the best quality software applications to improvise the real estate transactions skills. Users of these apps include buyers, sellers, landlords, real estate investors etc.

These apps are the platform to put your property in market, therefore large numbers of people like sellers, investors advertise their properties in the best way possible and buyers search for their dream property to buy through these apps. These apps build fiduciary relationship between buyers and seller or investors.

Most of the millennial now visits these apps to hunt their homes and these apps help in marketing and advertising the properties in the best way possible. One of the best advantages of such real estate applications is that it saves times and put hundreds of properties according to your wish & geographical preference in one single mobile application and you can search according to your convenience.

Top Ten Real Estate Apps To Use

This app has become one of the best and convenient app because of the data provided by it. It is the biggest application to seek information about properties which on the top includes ZILLOW-OWNED HOMES. It provides information about prices, and if you are ready to sell your house Zillow estimates the best price value of your property and you can track the property.

You can access videos tour and 3D photographic tour of the property you select and list the appropriate property according to the filters you used while searching for property.

Zillow do not contain sources from other real estate apps and update their database timely to improve the quality of services provided by them. Zillow is free application for buyers and sellers.

Furthermore, like other applications Zillow itself is not perfect and contains some drawbacks:

  • The data produced by the Zillow are produced on tax records which sometimes turns out to be inaccurate
  • Features like filters sometimes carry bugs which gives results outside the territory searched by the user.

If you are fan of buying and selling things through auctions, then this is the best app for you to use. It provides detailed online bidding listing, property details, photographs, and locations according to your convenience. It gives you the information about the payments of the auctions whether it’s via cash or it is financeable.

You can access the auction details by pre-auction access of properties, residential, commercial auctions based on geographical area, and auction types like short sale or new properties.

Yet, Xome is new application and there are not ample number of users who uses this app but this app has stable database and contains best information.

This app is connection between the National Association of Realtors, where users get connected with Realtors nearest to them. This real estate application creates fiduciary relationship between realtors and its users.

There is a feature of Multiple Listing System (MLS) which provides data used by the other realtors’ sites and because it creates the best relationship between users and realtors its data gets updated frequently with good quality via producing videos and 3D pictures of the properties. has large audience to visit its site and creates the up-to-date market place with high sense of competition.

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Redfin is both an application and a financier firm. The application is amazing, offering assessed home estimations that are some of the times more precise than Zillow's calculation. Perhaps the best component of the versatile application for anybody in a functioning home pursuit is the capacity to channel on impending open houses. While it may not prompt your next home, it provides you with a thought of what homes resemble nearby and what you can hope to get for your cash.

It is the best real estate app to buy your house because it mixes the technology with actual agents and users to provide services to keep face to face meetings as an element of its process

The best app possible to find your home values, why? Because it gives you detailed information regarding what is important to calculate and maintain your home value.

Trulia was independent application but now it is owned by Zillow, hence it is best to add trulia in our list because Zillow helps you to find general home ownership whereas trulia gives you advantage to search for homes as active home search with specific home features with best geographical area.

It adds one point to your searching for home is that you can search homes based on crime information, schools, food, shopping marts etc., with the vast range of homes.

Trulia is completely free for its users and the earning comes from their advertisement only.

This platform you with the costless materials to understand and learn about the real estate through blogs, podcasts, eBooks, and forums. Everything available on this app is a path to learn everything about buying homes, increasing value of your home, also to understand how to do property related works with big investments.

If you intend to enter the world of real estate, this app is all you need to invest in.

As we all know most of the real estate apps have MLS- search feature so, what is the one thing which makes Homespnap different. Well messaging and sharing features makes it different from other apps which makes buyers to find best homes according to their wish list.

This app is fast data generating app, means it updates data regarding properties as quickly as possible and create competition in the real estate market.

Recently in the times of pandemic virtual home tours feature was added to the app which is easy to access without any physical contact.

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Real Estate Apps Real Estate Apps Real Estate Apps

When we talk about real estate, investors play a big role. And which platform is the best for them, it is LoopNet. This app is for bigger properties like Zillow but mostly for investors. LoopNet, basically is made for commercial properties.

This app buys time for investors and properties for them through filters, users can access properties through videos, 3D pictures, reviews from brokers etc., you can also contact the broker through this app.

This app helps to connect users to the local real estate agent of there are, through multiple ways. It creates an honest relationship between the agent and a client. This app mainly extends its reach to the USA and includes most of the information about active listing.

It also provides you with a feature of search property based on schools, pollution free, utilities, taxes and more. This app is consumer friendly and considered very helpful for people mainly from Alaska.

One of the biggest platforms to provide access regarding home listing data to the users from local multiple listing services. This is all about having everything in your hands, if you plan to contact an agent of Century21, you will be given all the information in your hands, and the best feature of this app is it provides you with data of every property, so you make the right decision for yourself.

Yet, this app has one disadvantage that its sources come from Zillow so, if the property is listed on Zillow, the information regarding the same will be unavailable on Century21.

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Real Estate Apps Real Estate Apps Real Estate Apps

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