Property management software in Canada is in high demand. Even smaller landlords and property managers are now depending on various software to execute day-to-day property management function. In the post we will cover everything you need to know about the property management software in Canada.



Property Management Software is a software application that gives various solutions for agents, landlords, property owners in everyday tasks and responsibilities and makes their work simpler.



Property management software's primary feature focuses on the management of real estate assets, whether it's in terms of physical space, renters, leasing, and accounting. Property management software may scale up or down depending on the size of a property portfolio and supports several residential and commercial property types.



Commercial, industrial, retail, or mixed-use, residential, or multifamily products in the property management category must adapt their functionality to one or more of the following sectors: commercial, industrial, retail, or mixed-use.






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Types of Property management software: There are 2 types of property management software:



  1. Residential – Residential real estate is used to house tenants, for rent or for purchase. Student housing and single-family residences are types of residential properties.
  2. Commercial – Commercial real estate properties are used for revenue generating commercial and business operations. Office buildings, medical shops, hotels, clubs, restaurants, and retail outlets are few types of commercial assets. Warehouses, labs, and distribution centres are examples of industrial real estate, which comes under commercial real estate.



A product must meet the following criteria to be considered for the Property Management category:



  • Keep track and monitor a real estate property’s finance
  • Property owners, managers, and landlords can utilise it
  • Automate a real estate property's day-to-day activity
  • Establish a communication gateway between the renter and the property management



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Why to use Property management software?



  • Financial management – Property management software helps customers to keep track of their properties' financial condition. The programme is used by property managers and owners to make accounting and bookkeeping duties easier



  • Facility management — Managing real estate properties, regardless of their nature, necessitates the property owner's efficient oversight of all aspects of their properties. Property management software allows landlords to keep track of any maintenance requests received from renters



  • Tenant communication – Property management software's tenant and owner portals increase communication between the two parties. This makes rent collecting easier and more efficient. Online payments also have increased efficiency.



  • Reporting – Using a good property management software will help you keep accurate and compliant property records, analyse, and anticipate occupancy rates, perform better tenant screens, and ease the leasing process.



You can find various Property Management Software in Canada, but we will introduce you only with the best ones.



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Below are the top 10 Property Management Software in Canada:



1. Buildium



Buildium is a Property Management Software in Canada that is build and programmed by property managers to help other property managers. Builium is a complete package software providing property managers efficiency and control from accounting to lease to maintenance of property. The software is available in more than 45 countries and is helping more than 1300 property managers.





2. Total management



Founded in 2006, Total management is another web-based property management software in Canada that allows you to deal in residential, commercial and student housing properties. Total management provides you complete and proper communication with tenants, also assist in tenant tracking, auditing statements. Total management also gives a free trial to the new users.





3. Doorloop



Doorloop Property Management software provides you a customized software according to your needs so that you can manage your properties, tenants, leases all from one place. Currently Doorloop is providing 50% off till 2021. Doorloop is one of the best Property Management Software in Canada. Doorloop also assists you in training, provides free support, latest updates, and data immigration. At Doorloop price starts from 24.5$ with promotion on first 20 units. You can also avail a free demo from Doorloop.





4. Re-Leased



Re-Leased property software is a full cloud-based property management



and accounting solution for commercial and mixed-use landlords and property managers. Thousands of real estate professionals choose Re-Leased because of its ease of use, automation of time-consuming chores, complete mobility to work from anywhere, data-driven insights, and strong integrations with best-in-class software like Xero and QuickBooks Online. Re-Leased can help you expand your business.





5. RentMoola



RentMoola is a game-changing cloud platform that allows customers to take charge of their money by providing a simple, integrated, and secure solution backed by a world-class partner ecosystem. To deliver solutions that operate with a wide range of property portfolios, RentMoola has collaborated with property management associations, payment suppliers, and consult industry experts. RentMoola is one of the preferred Property management software in Canada





6. Property Vista



Property Vista is one of the most popular property management software in Canada. Property Vista's integrated communication system connects all our functions (Leasing, Accounting, Payments, and Maintenance Requests) together into one powerful automated system, making it ideal for portfolios with over 250 units.



Concentrate on your tenants. They are the most precious asset you have. Through good tenant connections, Property Vista will assist you in reducing vacancies, reducing risk, and boosting cash flow.





7. Entrata



Entara, a property management software in Canada, was founded in 2003, is the only one with a single-login, open-access Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. Entrata PaaS now services over 20,000 apartment communities across the country, providing a range of online facilities such as websites, mobile applications, payments, lease signing, accounting, and resident administration. Entrata's open API and extensive list of third-party connectors provide management businesses the flexibility to use whatever technology and applications they choose.





8. Yardi Breeze



With Yardi Breeze, you can manage your property's marketing, leasing, accounting, and operations. Residential, commercial, affordable, PHA, manufactured housing, condo/associations, and self-storage sectors can be managed with a single, refreshingly easy system. Breeze property management software helps you save time and money by automating marketing, leasing, rent collecting, maintenance, financial reporting, and other processes. Easy-to-use web interfaces for applicants, tenants, and owners make collecting and tracking payments online easier than ever. With Yardi's built-in real estate accounting system, you can rest assured that your reports are accurate.





9. Condo Control



By automating property administration with our leading easy-to-use and feature-rich web-based software, you can save time and money. Condo Control provides various features such as Accounting Integration, Online Payments, Announcements, Violation Tracking, Work Orders. The web-based programme is intended for HOAs, condominiums, and other real estate. For property managers, board members, and residents, it’s an easy method to streamline maintenance and operations.





10. RealTimeRental



RealTimeRental is a rental property management software in Canada for businesses of all sizes. RealTimeRental lets you handle every element of your holiday rental business with a complete reservation and trust accounting solution.





The following are some of the key features: - A fully integrated reservation and trust accounting package



  • Track reservations
  • Online booking/website integration
  • Orders for Work (Housekeeping, Maintenance etc)
  • Credit Card and E-Check Processing Integrated
  • Reporting Features
  • Financial Statements
  • Tenant Portal
  • Owner Portal
  • Access to distribution channels.
  • Individualized training and assistance




Different is one of the most popular property management software in Australia property management services include everything you’d expect, starting with simple and hassle-free property maintenance and property inspection that puts you in the driving seat by arming you with all the details you need to make a decision quickly. Tenants also benefit from greater transparency and don’t need to wait weeks for a leaky tap or broken stove to be fixed. If you need new tenants for your investment property, our leasing team will manage your entire leasing campaign to market your property in the best possible light.

As a Different tenant, you will get access to our tenant app, which makes the process of managing your lease and making your rental payments a breeze. Our primary goal is to provide customer convenience and satisfaction via our tenant app.

So, these are the top 10+Bonus best Property Management Software in Canada assisting you with the best of technology and resources.



Which property management software in Canada you loved the most? Don’t forget to share with us!



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