Home improvement projects don't always have to have high price tag. Here is our curated list of top 10 home improvement projects that you should be taking up this holiday season.

Are you feeling bored looking at the same colors of the walls of your home for years? Is there junk stuck in the sink traps of your kitchen or bathrooms? Are your window screens torn or do you need some extra storage space in your garage? If yes, why not take up one of them as the home improvement projects to change the design of your home or eliminate troublesome issues in your home!

Here is our curated list of top 10 home improvement projects that you should be taking up this holiday season.

1. Renovating the roof and foundation

The foundations and roof of your home are extremely crucial for keeping the structure of your home intact. So, if you have cracks in your roof or floor, it is time for you to renovate and make the necessary repairs as part of your home improvement projects of this season.

Replace the single, add a strong flooring, fill the gaps in the floor, and you are done. This project is easy but maybe a bit on the expensive side because the material needed for roof and foundation repairs is slightly costly.

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2. Plumbing and Electrical Fixing

There are always some electrical sockets that go bad or water pipes that may be leaking in our homes. So, plumbing, and electrical fixing become one of the much-needed home improvement projects that should be taken up in your holidays.

However, it is completely not advised for you to take up electrical fixing as a DIY project. All the electrical and plumbing work must be done by a certified professional, or else it may cause several hazards like shocks, flooding, etc.

3. Caulking

Caulks are a kind of seal that goes in the gaps between seams and prevents the collection of dirt in these spaces. But over time, caulking can wear off and come out, leaving the spaces empty and letting the dust in.

So, re-caulking the open spaces between seams, bathtubs, showers is one of the greatest home improvement projects that you should take up if your home looks old. In addition, it is a great skill as applying the proper bead of caulk requires experience and you can’t get that without getting your hands on it.

Thanks to the caulk gun, you can easily fill the gaps smoothly without caulk dripping all over and adding unnecessary work. If you handle the gun with care and wipe off extra caulk after finishing your task, the caulk gun will last up to several years.


4. Landscaping

Landscaping of one of the best outdoor home improvement projects on this list. Adding an outdoor garden can improve the beauty of your home considerably. Planting some flowers, or even some easy-to-grow vegetables come very handily, effortless, and inexpensive.

You can install a ready-made wooden planter box in the garden and fill it with colorful, pollinator-friendly plants. You can also use your woodworking skills to build a planter home.

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5. Radon Removal: One of the most important home improvement projects

Radon is a dangerous gas that has claimed over 21,000 deaths in the United States according to researchers. It can enter your home if you have cracks in the floors or concrete slabs of your home by traveling through the spaces present in the soil. It is colorless, tasteless, and doesn’t emit any odor. Therefore, you cannot spot the presence of radon gas just by using your senses.

To detect the presence of this life-threatening gas, you can buy radon test kits which are easily available in the market. The kits involve a collector that is kept in the house for a week and then the collected samples should be sent to test labs. These labs test the samples in the lowly populated regions and produce the results within a week. You must take up radon removal as one of your home improvement projects because radon is harmful to health and can be fatal.

If your home contains high amounts of radon, when detected by the test kits, call on a mitigation contractor. Mitigation contractors are certified individuals who set up systems in your home that are designed to reduce the radon levels to harmless levels.

The mitigation systems mostly include vent pipes that extend from the base of your floor slabs and go out of the house. An in-line fan placed at the end of the pipe sucks the air out whereas cracks in the concrete slab are sealed to keep any more radon away.

The costs of radon removal among other home improvement projects can be anywhere around $2500 in the United States.

6. Exterior Improvements and General Painting

Beautifying the exterior of your home is a perfect way to revamp your old home and make it look brand new. Applying a fresh coat of polish or paint on your front door, fixing a vinyl siding that is broken, changing the exterior paint, and repairing the chipped or broken sidewalk, are some of the best ideas to improve the exterior of your home.

If you have white or a light color painted on the walls of your home, consider painting the walls with some bright colors that complement the furniture in different rooms of your home. If you have a bright color painted on the walls already, try changing it to a light shade to improve your home.

7. Upgrading the home security: One of the must take home improvement projects

Safety should always be the topmost priority. This goes for all aspects of life, including your beautiful home. If you don’t have a good security system in place, consider this as one of the must-take home improvement projects on your next holiday.

By security system, we mean a security camera system that relates to a series of cameras and video recorders that help you monitor the security of your home. Additionally, you can add remote access to the camera so that you can perform the surveillance of your home even when you are away from it.

While choosing a security system for your home, look for the features given below.

  • Browsing by 16 or 8-channel PoE security camera
  • Super HD videos
  • Live video recording and access on phone or laptop
  • Good storage space of videos

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8. Adding or repairing a window screen

Window screens add a very sleek touch to your home. But throughout some time, they may get torn because of birds, pets, or normal wearing of the material. If you have a window screen already installed in your home and it has worn out, you have one of the best home improvements projects at hand.

If you don’t have one already, consider adding a window screen in your home to keep unwanted insects away and prevent them from buzzing around your ears.

In addition to this, window screens are an excellent idea to upgrade the look of your windows and doors.

Adding or repairing window screens is a great DIY home improvement project as it allows you to learn the basics of window mechanics. Also, the cost requirements for this project are minimal as the window screen materials are inexpensive. All you need is a rubber spline to hold the screen and a roll of screening material.

9. Adding storage shelves in the garage

If you wish to learn a new skill while upgrading the storage space in your garage, then we have a perfect solution for you. Home improvement woodworking helps you make some extra room to safely store your tools and equipment. If you are one of those golf lovers, adding custom storage shelves in your garage can help you store your golf sticks, and clubs without worrying about damaging them.

10. Upgrading the flooring

Laying carpets on the floor can go out of trend too soon or may wear out after years of continued usage. If something like this is ruining the beauty of your dream home, why don’t you try taking the carpet off the floor and renovating the floor with some nice hardwood flooring?

Hardwood may cost around $3 to $8 per square footage, depending upon the quality and design of the wood you are choosing. This is one of the best and easiest home improvement projects that can be done by yourself if you wish to save some money doing it.

So, these were our top picks for the home improvements projects that you can take up for your new home. Even if your home is previously built, changing or upgrading a few things here and then can elevate the overall look of your old home and yet give some fresh vibes.

If you don’t wish to spend money on making upgrades or new additions, you can simply take up in-depth cleaning of your home as an improvement project for your home.

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Hope you enjoyed this post on home improvements projects, let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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