Flipping houses in Canada? What? Is that so much profitable as the investors claim it to be! Yes, it is profitable.

Have you ever come across someone who bought a property, held it for a while, and sold it for a profit later? This process of buying properties to sell them later for profits is known as flipping houses. In Canada, it is a popular practice in the real estate industry. You may wonder if flipping houses in Canada is that much profitable as the investors claim it to be! Yes, it is profitable.

However, investors must not be lured into the greed of earning huge profits from flipping houses before attaining enough information on the practice and making themselves familiar with the various aspects of the real estate industry that largely determine the outcome of flipping houses in Canada. In this article, we have given detailed answers to your question “Is Flipping Houses in Canada Profitable?”. In addition to this, you can learn about the ways you can make profits by flipping houses in Canada and the things you should know while doing it.

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Is flipping houses in Canada profitable?

Yes, house flipping in Canada is profitable as claimed by an industry report in the United States. The report suggests that flipping houses in Canada yielded a gross profit of about 40.6%. The actual profits earned by investors after deducting the repair expenditure, renovation costs, and so on, was 12%. While looking at such tempting profits coming from flipping houses in Canada, it is very important to consider the various risks which are involved in this business. Also, there are numerous prerequisites like credit score which are involved in the house flipping business in Canada.

Therefore, it is always recommended for investors to familiarize themselves with the risks associated with this business, the mistakes that they must avoid, and the things they should do for earning maximum profits by flipping houses in Canada.

Before you decide on a house to buy for flipping in Canada, here are a few things that you must consider.

  1. Always find a reliable and trustworthy contractor.
  2. Determine your renovation costs.
  3. Decide on your closing and selling costs.
  4. Find out your carrying costs for the property.
  5. Know the tax implications related to flipping houses in Canada, especially for the property you are considering buying.
  6. Ask yourself if you have access to some additional amount of money you may need while house flipping.

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When you have finalized the house that you will buy and flip in Canada, it is now time to do a little more research on some parameters like the ones given below.

  1. Estimation of the realtor’s fee
  2. Estimation of the total returns you may get after flipping houses in Canada
  3. A rough idea of the total amount of work needed
  4. Estimation of the permits costing
  5. Information about the local coding and standards of regulation in the locality
  6. Quotation of the staging service and allocation of budgets

How to get profit by flipping houses in Canada?

Flipping houses in Canada is profitable and you can reap great profits. But before you step into the business of flipping houses, here is a list of things that you should consider in order to make a profit in the business.

  • Find the right location

The location of your property is one of the most important parameters that you must consider while flipping houses in Canada. The location of the property decides the resale value, and the kind of buyers it will attract. While choosing the location of the property, look out for the livability factors like access to dining outlets, healthcare centers, educational institutes, and so on.

  • Consider the buyers

Always know your target buyers and their requirements in a house. This helps you to find out the needed renovation and repairs in the house that matches the budget of your buyers. Doing this can largely increase your property’s resale value while attracting a good bunch of potential buyers for the property.

  • Hire a trusted contractor

When you flip houses, there are repair and renovation tasks involved in them. You must hire a trusted contractor who understands your requirements and can offer suitable solutions at a fair price. You can find the contractors through referrals or realtors.

  • Carefully assess the property

While choosing a property for flipping, it is extremely important that you carefully assess the property. Make sure that the renovation and upgrading costs of the property are not more than the potential resale price. It is also helpful in estimating the profits that you may get by flipping houses in Canada.

  • Time your actions

Engage with a trusted contractor and set a timeline for each house flipping project that you take up. This helps you in making better profits in a small amount of time by selling the property when the demand is higher.

  • Set a selling price

The final step in flipping houses in Canada is setting the selling price for the property. It can be a bit intimidating as you must set a price that appeals to the buyers while simultaneously offering profits to you. To set a selling price for the property, you may consider hiring a real estate agent. It is because real estate agents are experienced individuals and help you determine the right price depending upon the factors like location, upgrades, market trends, associated with your property.

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Things to keep in mind while flipping houses in Canada

It is always necessary to consider some things like things to avoid, hacks to grow your profits, and other important parameters of the business. Similarly, here are some things that you must keep in mind while flipping houses in Canada.

  • Check the feasibility of the project by looking at the market absorption metrics in that area. The market absorption metrics of an area tell you about the rates at which the properties are being sold in that area in each period of time. You can find out the metrics by yourself or hire a realtor to do the task for you.
  • Make sure to stay focused and assign deadlines for yourself. It is essential to decide on a specific budget so that the renovation of the house goes on even in the absence of finances to do that.
  • Never underestimate the costs of repair associated with your property. Always use good-quality material for renovating your house because it will cut down the costs of repeatedly occurring repairs if you decide to hold the property for a longer time.
  • Always keep your eye on the potential profits that you may gain by flipping houses in Canada without worrying about the carrying and closing costs of the property.
  • Understand and learn about the market absorption metrics if you wish to earn huge profits in a limited amount of time.
  • Don’t hold yourself back from adding additional amenities to the property to earn better profits. It has been observed that buyers are likely to pay more for a furnished home instead of a house with walls only. For example, you can add a fitness center, steam options in the bath, and so on.
  • Lastly, don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself while venturing into the business of flipping houses in Canada. Allow yourself to learn and settle in the business.


Flipping houses in Canada can be greatly profitable if you learn the basics and do the things given in this article. The practice of house flipping may seem easy but equally challenging at the same time. However, with the right tactics to maximize your profits and gaining enough knowledge about the real estate industry patterns, investors can earn attractive profits from flipping houses. Invest your time in learning the market trends, money in buying the right property, and efforts in making the necessary repairs and selling the property. Once you learn the way flipping houses in Canada works, you can choose to take up the role full-time as well.

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