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Lesson Plan of Online Feasibility Study Training Course

Module 1: Basic Concepts
  • What is a Feasibility Study?
  • Why do We Need a Feasibility Study?
  • Understanding Basic Concept of Finance
  • Time Value of Money
  • Understanding and Calculating Discount Rate
  • Note on Cost of Equity
  • Calculating and Using Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  • Understanding Return Metrics
    • NPV
    • IRR
    • ROI
    • Payback Period
    • Limitation of IRR
    • Cap Rate
    • Other Ratios
Module 2: Market Research for Feasibility Studies
  • Information Needed for Conducting a Feasibility Study
  • Making assumptions Vs. Market Research
  • Primary and Secondary Research
  • Collecting Data and Analysis
Module 3: Feasibility Study Modeling and Analysis
  • Modeling Best Practice and Tips ? designing an efficient layout
  • Graphics and Presentation
  • Various Business Type and Specific Modeling Issues
  • Optimizing Product Mix and Pricing
  • Structuring a Cash Flow Model
    • Timing and Frequency Formats ? use of dates or period
    • Modeling Timing of Cash Flow
    • Projecting Income
    • Calculating Operating Expenses
    • Constructing Profit and Loss Statement
    • Modeling Exit Proceeds
    • Constructing Balance Sheet
    • Modeling Delays
    • Project IRR, Project NPV and other Metrics
  • Adding Debt
    • Applying Typical Debt
    • Debt Coverage Ratio and Sizing the Loan
    • Modeling Financing Cash Flow ? debt drawdown, repayment pattern, interest rates, and debt service.
    • Calculating Geared IRR, NPV and other Metrics
    • Optimizing Capital Structure
  • Other Financing Methods
    • Use of Third Party Equity (Private Equity)
    • Structuring a Joint Venture
    • Preferences and Priority of Distribution
  • Understanding Risk
    • What are the Risks and How to Quantify Them?
    • Developing Sensitivity Analysis
Module 4: Real Estate Feasibility Study
  • Cost and Income Projections
  • Importance of P&L Statement
  • Financing Real Estate Projects
  • Feasibility Study for Mixed Use Development
Module 5: Hotel and Other Leisure Properties Feasibility Study
  • Understanding the Business Model
  • Basic Concepts – ADR and RevPar
  • Constructing P&L for Hotel Ventures
  • Hotel Feasibility Study
  • Other Leisure Properties
Module 6: Restaurants Feasibility Study
  • Market Research for Occupancy and Average Check Size
  • Estimating Various Cost – Equipment and Furniture Costs
  • Constructing P&L Statement
  • Restaurant Feasibility Study
Module 7: Cinema Feasibility Study
  • Understanding the Cinema Business Model
  • Market Research for Ticket Pricing and Occupancy
  • Estimating Various Costs
  • Projecting P&L for Cinema Venture
  • Cinema Feasibility Study
Module 8: Feasibility Study for Other Business Ventures
  • Understanding the Business Model
  • Market Research and Product Pricing
  • Estimating Various Costs
  • Feasibility Study for Online Ventures
Module 9: Real Life Feasibility Study Examples
  • Hilton Hotel and Convention Center Feasibility Study, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Budget Hotels in Europe Feasibility Study
  • University Workforce Housing Feasibility Study, Washington University
  • Quick-Service Restaurant Feasibility Study, China
  • Special Economic Zones Feasibility Study, Cambodia
  • Export Processing Zone Feasibility Study, Vanuatu
  • Balti Industrial Park Feasibility Study, Moldova
  • City Center Development Feasibility Study, Nevada, US
  • Urban Renewal Feasibility Study, Oregon, US
  • Commuter Rail Study Feasibility Study, Washington, US
  • High Speed Railway Feasibility Study, Norway
  • Public mass transit service Feasibility Study, Virginia, US
  • Rochester Rail Link Feasibility Study, Minnesota, US

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