Excel Errors Costing Business Billions

We have all read about the Harvard economists Reinhart and Rogoff's most famous finding that countries with a debt exceeding 90 per cent of their annual GDP experienced slower growth than their thriftier peers, being debunked by a 28-year-old...
Real Estate News Roundup – 08.02.13

Real Estate News Roundup – 08.02.13

The UBS Swiss Real Estate Bubble Index continues its climb The UBS Swiss Real Estate Bubble Index currently stands at 1.11, representing an increase of 0.09 index points compared to the previous quarter. The index lies clearly in the risk...

Real Estate News Roundup – 19.01.13

US Apartment Rents Increase while Vacancy Rates Fall According to a data survey by Reis Inc, a property research firm, it was revealed that in the fourth quarter of 2012, the average monthly apartment rent was $1048, which was 3.8...

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