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Our key strengths lies in our people and the expertise they bring to the table.

A worldwide real estate software, analytics and advisory company, Feasibility.pro has clients in 20+ countries.

We transform data into an insight that can be incorporated into business decisions to deliver viable project. With deep market knowledge, superior data and proprietary technology, our multi-dimensional team helps you use real estate to transform your business and find greater success.

We help you create a strategy that will help your real estate perform.

about feasibility.pro

Our Goal

Real estate analytics done right - for every asset, everywhere.

We’re here to help our clients in delivering feasible projects. Our goal is to provide with most reliable real estate financial feasibility platform and sound development advice to help you make effective business decisions.

We want to make Feasibility.pro a world-leader in real estate analytics.  We are dedicated to transforming the real estate industry through technology-based innovations.

At a Glance

Real estate developments are all about balancing risks vs. returns. Identifying the best property development opportunities requires experienced developers to keep a watchful eye on several market, consumer, and government factors to forecast their next project’s financial viability and risk profile.

With the Feasibility.pro software, you can appraise development opportunities and test project viability. You can also evaluate the residual land value, calculate KPIs including development margin, net present value, and internal rate of return, and manage risk using sensitivity and probability analysis - for any asset, anywhere.

Our consultancy services on development projects provides feasibility analysis, location analysis, catchment area analysis, market and site absorption, pricing strategy, project positioning and target mix and support on designing and layouts. Location analysis and feasibility studies of real estate project, including financial analysis and KPI reporting.

Arriving at an opinion of a property’s value is a complex process that can significantly impact your business. Our Valuation Services experts will provide you with a suite of offerings, such as single-asset valuations, portfolio valuation, lease, and cost analysis. We provide a full range of expertise across all real property worldwide.

Development analysis is critical to any development project to determine the level of profit the project can generate - what product, when, where. We can help you with product mix optimization for master planned development, highest and best use analysis and optimizing project structure for optimal return.

Every property is unique and demands the right expertise. Our deep knowledge and experience across a variety of asset class - from large-scale master planned development to plot development, logistics to education, affordable housing, self-storage and more – makes us best suited to unlock the potential of your real estate development.

We have built our business with a team of like-minded individuals that apply industry best practices to deliver value addition at every step. This helps us create long-lasting bonds with our clients and stakeholders.

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