Development Analysis

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Real estate development analysis like never before.

Actionable Insight

Get Actionable Insight For Your Development.

With feasibility and development analysis software, you can manage your development projects with confidence and ease. From start to finish.

Build industry-standard feasibility reports and manage detailed project cash flows and forecasts. With over 100 industry standard reports, you can meet all your internal and investor reporting needs.

Real estate development is all about balancing risks vs. returns. Identifying the best property development opportunities requires experienced developers to keep a watchful eye on several market, consumer, and government factors to forecast their next project’s financial viability and risk profile.

With the software, you can appraise development opportunities and test project viability. You can also evaluate the residual land value, calculate KPIs including development margin, net present value, and internal rate of return, and manage risk using sensitivity and probability analysis - for any asset, any where.

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We can help you get the full picture of your assets. And take control of each moving part.

In an uncertain real estate market, where real estate developments are under pressure from slowing sales rates, delayed construction timelines, and worsening defaults – properly managing your project’s cash flow through the entire life cycle is critical.

With the software, you can manage your projects with ease. You can also track and report on KPIs such as costs, revenues, profit, and update forecasts with actuals by importing directly from your accounting systems to get an accurate view of your project cash flow.


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Feasibility Study

Our consultancy services on development projects provides feasibility analysis, location analysis, catchment area analysis, market and site absorption, pricing strategy, project positioning and target mixs and support on designing and layouts.

Location analysis and feasibility studies of real estate project, including financial analysis and KPI reporting.

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Arriving at an opinion of a property’s value is a complex process that can significantly impact your business. 

Our Valuation Services experts will provide you with a suite of offerings, such as single-asset valuations, portfolio valuation, lease and cost analysis. We provide a full range of expertise across all real property worldwide.

Real Estate Analysis

Development Analysis

Development analysis is critical to any development project to determine the level of profit the project can generate - what product, when, where.

We can help you with product mix optimization for masterplanned development, hightest and best use analysis and optimizing project structure for optimal return.

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